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Our Trucks

Here at United Towing we offer everything from your light duty truck up to a 50 ton wrecker. Our trucks are equipped to handle almost any job and our drivers participate in rigorous training including WreckMaster courses and T.R.I.P certifications.


Heavy Duty/Medium duty


Our heavy/medium duty trucks can handle anything from box trucks, to tractor and trailers, and even heavy equipment. We have several medium duty conventionals, two 50 ton wreckers, and a 40 ton rotator. Our fleet also includes two road tractors equiped with a 35 ton landoll trailer and a 50ton lowboy trailer.


Light Duty


Our light duty trucks handle cars, bobcats and equipment. Each light duty driver has been trained to handle your car like it was his own. The trucks include standard wreckers as well as flatbed trucks. Our light duty trucks also handle roadside situations, such as, unlocks, tire changes and jumpstarts.