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Reclaiming your vehicle from Impound

1. Proof of ownership, this includes one of the following:

  • Original Title in your name
  • Original Title signed over on the back properly with your name printed on the back.
  • Current vehicle registration (VALID)
  • Bill of Sale from an individual, notarized & dated less than 30 days ago


2. Proper ID, we will accept the following for ID

  •  Driver’s License, (VALID)
  •  Ticket/Citation issued by a form of U.S. Government printed with your name and issued less than 30 days ago.
  •  Military Identification Card issued by U.S. Government
  •  Passport issued by U.S. Government (VALID)


3. If your vehicle was impounded due to suspended registration you must show  that your registration was reinstated after the date of impound. 

4. If your vehicle was impounded due to invalid insurance you must show that your insurance was reinstated after the date of inpound. 

5.  CASH ONLY on all impounded vehicles.

6. Charges will include the following:

  1.  Towing Fee
  2.  Administration Fee
  3.  Daily Storage


If the owner of the vehicle is unable to retrieve the vehicle/or the contents in person we will need this form link to form to be accompanied with the above items.

pdf_icon.jpg Authorization for Release
pdf_icon.jpg Hold Harmless Agreement